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Friday, December 11, 2009

TuToRiAL-bUfFeReD eArNiNg NuFfNaNg

Aku rase, informasi nie berguna untuk Blogger2 yang menjadik Nuffnager. Cam aku nie, w/pon dah almost plus-minus 2 years gak la aku jadik blogger tapi, still tak terror sangat lagik dengan term2 Nuffnang. Skang nie, aku nak bagi 1 tutorial/info pasal buffered earning yang aku copy-paste dari entry blog Cik Leh. I do seek for permission, ok!

So, let’s see & understand what really buffered earning is.

“Buffered earnings refer to earnings generated by mCPM (Metered CPM) campaigns, where advertisers choose which blogs they advertise on. Your survey profile will help advertisers determine if your blog is suitable for the kind of products/services they wish to advertise. However, there is no minimum number of uniques required for a blog to be selected for mCPM campaigns.

That said, there are a few other factors affecting the chances of being selected for mCPM campaigns. The availability of ad units plays an important role for bloggers to be chosen for campaigns as well. All our advertisers split their budget evenly across all our 3 ad units, Leaderboard, Skyscraper and Large Rectangle whenever they advertise with us. That being said, the budget would be limited and might not be able to cover that many blogs for a particular ad unit. If your blog have all 3 ad units in it, your chances of being selected for campaigns would be fully maximized.

Membership exclusivity plays a part in advertisement campaigns as our advertisers tend to advertise more on Glitterati blogs as it is part of our reward program to our most loyal bloggers in the region. Ordinary members will still be selected for campaigns but in a lower number compared to Glitterati’s.While your chances of being selected for mCPM campaigns will be increased if you abide by the guidelines, it is in no means a guarantee that you will be selected.

We\'ll do our best to sell the ad units of our bloggers as long as they\'re optimized and within our protocols. If the ad units are not optimized or they\'re not in the best interest for the advertisers, we cannot defile the practice of our company\'s policies and have our advertisers advertise on blogs which do not yield the best results for their campaigns. I hope that you will understand that it is important for advertisers to achieve satisfactory results for their campaigns in order for them to advertise more on blogs.”

Semoga tutorial/info nih berguna untuk anda sume… ;)

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